Another easy win for Sluneta

Another easy win for Sluneta

Sluneta Usti nad labem vs. BC Hallmann Vienna
92:66 (23:21, 53:50, 73:60)

Referees: Vosahlik, Jerab, Kec (all CZE).
Audience: 452.
Venue: Sportcentrum Sluneta, Usti nad Labem (CZE)

Scorers Sluneta Usti nad labem: Wallace 24, Pecka 19, Šteffel 17, Svejcar 8, Šotnar 6, Stevanovic 5, Wisseh4, Houška 4, Šmíd 3, Maděra 2.
Scorers BC Hallmann Vienna: Detrick 28, Radakovics 20, Trmal 11, Trbovic 7.

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Like the first game between Ústí and Vienna, also the second one was no competition for SLUNETA. Vienna came to Czech republic with only six players, they fought very well, but the home team had more players to jump into the game and it showed in the end.

Espescially in first half, Vienna surprised Usti with a very good performance and a good procentage of shooting. Especially Detrick was hot, he made 25 points in the first half. The Czech coach wasn’t satisified with the first half, which ended 53:50. With a high score like it was, Usti had to change something for the second part of the game. The change came, their defence started to work pretty well and the key-players from Vienna had troubles to come through. With time passing by, Viennas players lost power and they couldn´t keep up the tempo. On the other hand coach Pistecky had a change to give more minutes to players from the bench. But still, Vienna deserves a credit for the performance they showed in Ústí.

Antonín Pištěcký, head coach of Sluneta: “Hard to say something, because the oponent came with only 5 players, it is hard for them, hard for us, it is not even easy for the fans, but as I said to my guys before the game, we cannot underestemate them, because five guys, they have nothing to loose, they could play with selfconfidence. And exactly that happened, they hit o lot of shots, they made 50 points in one half and so we had to change something, we had to be much more aggressive and they couldn’t hold up to this tempo. But they played a good game. I am little bit mad, because I wanted to split the minutes between more players and I couldn’t. But finally we won, I wish you good trip back.”

Filip Šmíd, player of Sluneta: “I think everything was said, I want to congratulate Vienna, they played a very good first half, but then we chandged a couple of things and they lost power and then it was easy for us to beat them. But first half from them was very good.”

Luigi Gresta, head coach of Vienna: “Congratulations to my guys, because fighting 40 minutes with just 5 guys is very dificult. We dropped down in the second half because the defence was focusing on our two best players. But we did the best possible today.”

Jason Detrick, player of Vienna: “I expected to be a physical game and it was, first half we started good. But in the second half they played a very good defence, especially on me. They did a good job in defence, they turned the presure up.”