Usti is still perfect

Usti is still perfect

KK Vrijednosnice Osijek – Sluneta Usti nad Labem
65:75 (18:17, 11:13, 19:24, 17:21)

Vrijednosnice: Filipović 3, Ćorić 8, Šarenac 11, Buljević 17, Darling, Bašić, Jordano 12, Kujundžić 4, Dmitrović 5, Jovanović 1, Vedriš, Turalija 4.

Sluneta: Sotnar, David 13, Houska 5, Svejcar 17, Pecka 13, Brown 5, Fait 3, Haiblik, Čampara 18, Madera, Bazant 1, Karlovsky.

The first basket of the match was scored in the second minute when Svejcar scored by two points. The first quarter is played “basket by basket” and ends with a score of 18:17. Both teams make a lot of mistakes and first half ened with score 29:30. Coach of Vrijednosnice Domagoj Kujundzic worked a great rotation of players and provided an opportunity for young players, all players except for the injured Lovro Basic played. Although much younger, Osijek manage to pair with an experienced away team, the match ends with a score of 65:75.


Lovro Buljević, Antonio Jordano and Andrija Šarenac were the best of home team and Čampara, Svejcar, David were the best of guest team.

Coach of Vrijednosnice Osijek – Domagoj Kujundžić:  Today we rotate the whole team, I’m happy with some things, I’m not happy with some. Bašić didn’t even take off because he was injured, he didn’t train for 15 days, he just played games, so we didn’t want to take any chances. We improved the defense a bit, but the attack was slightly delayed. This is our game with less points, we lost the chances to go further already, so a little now we change the whole team.

Player of Vrijednosnice Osijek – Lovro Buljević: Congratulations to our opponents, this was a tough game. We did our best, distributed the minutes, everyone got a chance to play. We turn to the next game against Škrljevo.

Coach of Sluneta Usti – A. Pištecky: Home team Osijek is a team player. It was so much easier for us to play without them best player Bašić. Before the game I had plan to give a chance to young players, but it was tough game so we are happy for the win. First of all I want to  congratulate for home team, they play really good game even with young guys.