Komarno crushed Helios in first final

dsc_0239MBK RIEKER COM-THERM KOMARNO : HELIOS SUNS 97:72 (28:26, 48:41, 75:49)

Referees: Koukelcik, Sarissky, Duosek (all SLO).
Audience: 1000.
Venue: Sportova hala (Komarno, SVK).

Komarno: Djordjevic, Bilic both 16, Kuffa, Langston both 13, Bojanovsky, Tomic both 10, Cobb 9, Halada 6, Vido 4.
Helios Suns: Bolcina 25, Atanackovic 16, Voncina, Bratec 8, Segaric 6, Gorjanc 5, Mocnik 4.

The Introductory minutes on both sides were in the name of getting to know one another, but gradually the home team got to the leading position with its driving force Tomic. Domžale kept the pace and did not let their opponent get a more significant leadership. Therefore, the offensive-minded first quarter ended 28:26 in favor of MBK Komarno. In the second part of the match Komarno’s qualities started to manifest more and more and after five minutes for the first time they managed to get a lead of a double-digit score.Domzale did not give up, and they finished the second quarter of the game with the score 48:41.

After the break Komarno ran out to his opponent, quickly got the lead by more than 20 points and controlled the further course of the game skillfully. Their guests failed to make any resistance in the final quarter; the space was therefore given to the less occupied players, as well. Komarno, in the end, won by 25 points at the score 97:72.

Richard Ďuriš, head coach Komarno: “We are very pleased to have managed to repeat the performance especially in the second half, just as we did in the match against Levice two days ago. We were struggling with the beginning, but my praise belongs to our players, who mainly in the second half showed tremendous heart, and, we are very happy that we managed it this way. Certainly the reprisal is not going to be easy, but we will do everything we can and see what happens. “

Siniša Bilič, player Komarno: “In the first half we did not play our game completely, we were without power. After the break, we took over and the second half we played the way we know. Half of the duty is behind us, we did what we could, and we will try to finish the whole thing in Slovenia to have the title of this competition in Komarno. “

Dejan Čikič, head coach Domzale: “It was a very difficult match, we knew that Komarno is aggressive by playing nice offensive basketball and they are in great shape. Our defense was not at a good level, concluding that we got a lot of points. I hope that in the retaliation my players will have a better approach and that we manage it. “

Simo Atanackovič player Domžale: “Komarno was a better team than us and deserved the win. Our offence was working, but the defense did not work at all. And that was, unfortunately, not enough to have succeeded upon a team so well shooting team, as Komarno”