Helios Suns beat Rogaška and make big step towards finals

KK Rogaška – Helios Suns 68:76 (14:19, 25:34, 49:49, 19:27)

Referees: Boris Krejić, Milan Španič, Damjan Gajšek (all SLO)
Venue: Sportna Dvorana Rogaska (SLO)
Audience: 450

Rogaška: Ferme 20, Davis Jr. 15, Johns 12, Fon 9, Drobnjak 6, Santelj 4, Sakotic 2.
Helios Suns: Atanacković 20, Kyzlink 16, Remekun 14, Segaric, Mocnik, Gorjanc 6, Bratec.


Despite the contract breaks of two important players during the week (Marcel Jones and Brandyn Theodore Curry), Helios Suns registered important win in first semifinal game of Sixt Alpe Adria Cup, defeating home team Rogaška 68-76 at Sports hall Rogaška Slatina on Saturday. Helios Suns led most of the game, while Rogaska led only in the beginning of the game (highest lead of the 6: 2), and once again at 49:46, which eloquently testifies the good game of the guests from Domžale. Helios Suns had 22 turnovers, which were compensated by fighting, resulting in difference in rebounds – 36:26 – and collective game (assists 21:15). The most efficient players for the winners were Simo Atanacković (20 points, 9 rebounds), Tomáš Kyzlink (16 points), Cory Remekun (14 points, 6 rebounds) and Jure Močnik (9 assists), while on the other hand, Rogaška had only few, who were up to the task, especially captain Tadej Ferme (20 points).

The return game will be played in Domžale on March 6th.

Damjan Novaković, coach Rogaška: „We probably played the worst game in last months. I cannot say that we did not fight, but our players were just not truly concentrated in the game. Helios Suns just used this momentum and came to the deserved victory with focused and hard attitude to the match.”

Dejan Čikić, coach Helios Suns: “After a long time, our team stepped onto the pitch strongly what brought to us a positive result. In the third quarter the hosts came closer with some open shots, but we managed to turn the match again and in my opinion deserved this win. Congratulations to all players who have stepped on the field. Today the whole team won the match. “