Decin surpises Körmend

BK ARMEX DECIN : EGIS KÖRMEND 80:72 (20:19, 44:31, 59:58)

Referees: Kec, Lukes, Salvetr (all CZE).
Audience: 540.
Venue: ARMEX Sportcentrum (Decin, CZE).

Decin: Festr and Siska 14, Pomikalek 13, Houska P. 11, Bazant 7, Jezek 6, Halada and Grunt 5, Krakovic and Landa 2, Kroutil 1.
Körmend: Csorvasi and Halasz 17, Davis 12, Ban 11, Nemeth 8, Koch 4, Oroszi 3, Marton.

FIBA Statistics

Saturday evening, Decin got very important win while revanching 6 point defeat from last week in Kormend with 8 point win on home court.

Czechs started better and took a short leadership 8:2, but Hungarians answered quickly to tie score on 8:8 and 15:15 with five points in a row later. It was home player Pomikalek scoring midrange shot to give his team closest lead after 10 minutes – 20:19.

The second quatre started with Kormend basket, but it was home team to determine tempo in this part of the game when Festr made three threepointers between 17th and 19th minute and when Landa scored after nice pick-and-roll action it was onl Csorvasi to answer before halftime came – 44:31.

Eventhough second half started same way the first one finished, Kormend point guard Halasz was against this process and it was mostly him giving his team selfconfidence in good result. Not only with scoring important shots but also with assists passing to other Kormend players. Shots from behind the arc got Kormend back to the game – 59:58 after 30 minutes.

Halasz was the one who gave a 61:65 leadershio to Kormend and Nemeth made a threepointer to 67:70. Jezek and Bazant took it back on 71:70, but Koch answered with tough finish. 71:72 last time Kormend were leading. Home team gave high effort to defense and found little more energy in last 3 minutes of the game, managed to score from freethrow line after tactic hungarian fauls to take important 8 point win on home court – 80:72.

Pavel Budinsky, head coach Decin: „Thanks for congratulations. I think it was really good game. We knew that Kormend is not complete but you never know what can happen. We had good first half, but it the third quatre they got back, especially Akos Halasz made us a lot of troubles, he was not only scoring, but mainly making his teammates better and he got Kormend back to the game in this part. Kormend played very effectively, we los tour leadership too easily, but we finally fought for a win till the end and I believe we deserved this win in front of our great fans. I think it was high quality game and we are happy for this win.“

Lukas Festr, player Decin: „We are mainly happy for this win. I think the game started wel, we were hustlling hard, fighting for every ball and we had good leadership after first half. In the second w didn’t defend well and Kormend got back to the game. Finally we got this important win by 8 points, which can be also important.“

Ziga Mravljak, coach Kormend: „Congratulations to Decin. I think it was very important game today. We expected game like this, we knew that home team will have big wish for a win. We didn’t come complete, but I would like to give big credit to our players who came and played very good game. Decin is well coached team, strong and finghting and you have to put big effort and high energy to face it. We were down in second quatre but came back, but home team had 22 offensive rebounds and scored 20 second chance points and this is too much. Thanks for all organization and congratulations to home team.“

Akos Halasz, player Kormend: „First congratulations to Decin for a win. I think that i tis tough to win a game, when opponent has 22 offensive rebounds and we have 15 turnovers. Especially on away game, points from these two statistics were key. We had really bad second quatre, but we came back during the third one and then it was very close game. In the end home team deserved to win  as I said, mainly because of our turnovers and their offensive rebounds.”