Decin secures important road-win

KK ŠENTJUR : BK ARMEX DEČIN 81:87 (17:26, 40:48, 65:69)

Referees: Grbić, Smrekar, Pur (all SLO).
Audience: 200.
Venue: OŠ Hruševec Šentjur, Šentjur (SLO).

Šentjur: Rizman 18, Fernandez 14, Bolčina 12, Pešić 11, Williams 10, Jereb 8, Maček 5, Jordan Rojko 3.
Armex Dečin: Šiška 19, Feštr 18, Houška 18, Ježek 15, Grunt 7, Halada 3, Kroutil 3, Bažant, Landa both 2.

FIBA Statistics

Before the match both teams have been facing injury problems so some important players on both sides missed friday’s meeting.

The Czech team started better and after just three minutes led by 2:11. In the 7th minute they led by 13 points (4:17). Šentjur side came after them to 14:19, but Dečin were very efficient from the field and they repeated the 13 points advantage in 16th minute. Šentjur managed to cut the margin by the end of the first half – 40:48.

After almost 25 minutes of trailing Šentjur’s newcomer Jan Rizman tied the score at 56. In the 28th minute the home side led by 63:59. Dečin responded with some consecutive baskets and took over the lead again.

Šentjur tried to do their best in the last quarter but there was alvays someone really focused on Dečin’s side. The victory for Pavel Budinsky’s squad was well deserved.

Andrej Žakelj, coach Šentjur: Dečin players are very strong in physical sense so this game was a good preparation for my guys. We started bad, came back, had the lead, but in the last minutes the reaction from the players wasn’t optimal.

Jan Rizman, player Šentjur: We managed to come back two times, but we made too many mistakes to take the victory.

Pavel Budinsky, coach Armex Dečin: We played very good game from the beginng to the end. Both teams missed couple of players so there was big opportunity for some young guys. We opened the game really good, with good efficiency. Home team started very aggresively in the second half and started to be more efficient. Fortunately we didn’t collapse, we scored some important shots and controled the last phase of the match.

Simon Ježek, player Armex Dečin: Lately we are struggling to ged ahead the opponent so i am really happy that we succeded in this game. We managed to move the ball to free shooting positions and we had quite good percentage from the field. In the defensive sense we couldn’t do much against Jan Rizman but we stopped the others from the home team.