Körmend stays perfect at home

EGIS KÖRMEND – BK ARMEX DECIN 77:71 (23:15, 39:34, 58:49)

Referees: Boros, Esztergályos, Magyari (all HUN).
Audience: 1237.
Venue: Körmend Sports Hall (HUN).

Körmend: Hollins 25, Csorvási 12, Tuoyo 12, Wright 10, Horti 9, Bán 4,
Halász, Márton both 2, Oroszi 1.
Decin: Landa 17, Houska 13, Bazant 13, Festr 9, Siska 8, Kroutil 5,
Jezek, Grunt, Halada all 2.

The game started with the hosts 5 point lead while the visitors shot poorly but after a
fast break lay- up in the third minute by Kroutil they managed to score a their first
goal. Decin tied the game twice during the first quarter. Although Körmend missed
some shots, they came back into game and controlled this period. It was Hollins who
led the team their first double digit lead with his free-throw remaining 2:18 minutes
from this period, which ended 23:15.

At the beginning of the second quarter Körmend seemed to lose the control of the
game. Decin started better and they were able to chip away at Körmend's lead. At
23:22 a timeout was called by the hosts' coach, however Körmend could not come
back into game. In the middle of this period Decin took the leading position for the
first time during the game with a 3-point shot (28:30). Although there were peaks and
downs on both sides, later in this period the hosts managed to gain control again.
After a pair of free throws from Horti the second quarter finished with Halada's lay-
up right before the signal sound. Neither team played well balanced in the first half,
there were peaks and downs on both sides, but the home team went into halftime
carrying a 5 point lead.

Körmend opened the third quarter with a more concentrated play. Comparing to the
first half, both offensively and defensively they were much better so they could have a
9-2 run in the first few minutes and managed to get their second 10 point lead. At a
remaining 3 minutes Decin called a timeout but it did not help them to catch up with
the hosts, who outscored the visitors 19-15 in this quarter.

Körmend started the last quarter with a lay-up from Wright and continued its strong
play leaving the visitors 13 points behind (62:49). When Decin started to be better at
shooting, Körmend requested for a timeout. Despite Tuoyo's shot from behind the arc
and another 3 point from Wright soon, the visitors were still more accurate at shooting
and managed to decrease the difference and trailed 70-67. The game ended with the
victory of Körmend.

Gasper Potocnik, head coach Körmend: “Thanks for the congratulations. First of all
congratulations to my team for this win. Then I wish you guys in Decin all the best for
the rest of the season. It was a good game. It was tough but we should do our best.
We had heavy legs today but it was just like for Decin who played another game just
a day before. I am not satisfied today with the performance of the youngs. Better act
I expect from them. They did not approach. They did not respect what I asked from
them. From the other side except of this 14 rebounds of Decin we played a correct game. We have now 2 days rest. They deserved this and we will continue on Tuesday
and we are going further.“

Andre Hollins, player Egis Körmend: “The opponent came here very aggressively and
we played a tough game. They shot the ball very well. They played very well and they
picked 14 offensive rebounds and they shot better than us in some periods of the
game. But finally we were able to manage this win. “

Pavel Budinsky, head coach Decin: “First of all congratulation for the home team
and thank you for the hospitality in the last 24 hours. We travelled from Slovenia
yesterday where we had our first game and it was a special schedule for us. I am
really proud of my team because we put a lot of energy to the game but it was not
easy. Game was a physical and tough. Sometimes you got to respond in the right
way. Sometimes we could make better solutions but it was a different level of
basketball, different players different philosophy and coaching staff. This is another
great experience for my team. I think the biggest difference was in scoring from the
paint. We could not stop it. They knew how to use pick and roll. In some moments we
had luck but in transition we had some overlook solutions and had no luck. We were
not aggressive, especially in the first half where we only had 2 free throws. In the
second half we were more active. Also we had 14 offensive rebound. For me it is fine.
I can say it was a nice game in a nice atmosphere. Home team played better. But
hopefully we will play better at home court and we get home safely. “

Robert Landa, player Decin: “It was a nice but tough game. We expected to see

another coach philosophy of a different culture. For us was important to keep the
gap that was 10 points and we managed to come back. At the end we were able to
play an equal game but the difference was still there. “