Champs open the season with a win

MBK RIEKER COM-THERM KOMARNO : KK Sentjur Tajfun 85:74 (19:22, 50:42, 68:59)

Referees : Tomasovic (SVK), Pipiska (SVK), Bartos (SVK)
Audience: 300.
Venue: Sportova hala (Komarno, SVK) .

Komarno: Tomic 20, Djordjevic 18, Jankovic 16, Diminic 12, Bowman Jr. 10, Stojanov 6, Hofferica 2, Jurcina 1.
KK Sentjur Tajfun: Gabrovsek 23, Popadic 17, Bolicna 14, Jereb 10, Williams and Macek 5.

Results – Boxscore

KK Sentjur Tajfun started out the game better and kept the lead until the 8th minute, when Komarno managed to equal for the first time. That was however not enough for the home team to and the first quarter ended 19:22 in favour of KK Sentjur Tajfun. In the second quarter Komarno took the lead and even though the opponing team got close in some moments, the second quarter ended in favour of the home team (50:42). The whole third quarter was held by the dominancy of the home team, which ended the quarter with a favouring 9 point advance for them (68:59). The last quarter was dominated by strong defence on both sides. Komarno, however did not let their opponents get the lead and won by 11 points in the end (85:74).

Vladimir Rizman, head coach Komarno: “I knew it would be a hard match, because all the beginnings of seasons are difficult. Our opponent showed up as a dangerous one,and we did not play as we could have., as there was also the pressure of the first game on both of us. We had 18 lost balls, which is very much for a professional game.We still have time to practice and get better and rid of all the mistakes. I would also like to thank for the atmosphere in the gym, it was very good, and I hope that next time even more fans will come. “

Sasa Jankovic, player Komarno: “Well, we kind of had a bad entrance into the first quarter of the game, then we switched and became more aggressive, and also the ball was obeying us more and got from hand to hand. I think that we played quite well in the second half of the game and we could hold our advance for the rest of the match, therefore we could win.“

Andrej Zakelj , head coach KK Sentjur Tajfun: “We are still in the preparation period, we have a lot of injuries, and the team is still not complete. Our agreement was to play fast with defence, strongly physically. Well, we didn’t do it. We can not play with this kind of defence and desire against anybody. “

Marcus Samuel Williams, player KK Sentjur Tajfun: “It was a close match. We played hard, in the end they executed a little better than we did, but overall i think we played a good match.”