Helios ensures a spot in the semifinals


HELIOS SUNS : SIXT PRIMORSKA 61:50 (12:18, 23:25, 39:40)

Venue: Sports Hall Domzale (SLO).
Audience: 1.000.

Helios Suns: Jones 16, Bolcina 12, Atanackovic & Kyzlink 9, Bratec 5, Vesel 4, Mocnik 3, Klavžar 1.

Sixt Primorska: Gajic 18, Radulovič 9, Morina 8, Zupan 6, Capin 5, Petrovič 3, Glas 1.

FIBA Statistics

With the 15 point lead after the first quarterfinal game Helios Suns did not play particularly well in the first 20 minutes of the second dual against Sixt Primorska. Dejan Cikic, who replaced Jaksa Vulic as a head coach of Helios Suns in January, tried to find five pitch players, but did not succeed in the first halftime. Maybe the players were relying on the lead from the first game, but head coach Cikic was not having it, so gave the opportunity to young players. By the end of the second quarter the result was 25:23 for the guest team, which was not that bad, considering Helios Suns had an extremely low percentage from the 3-point line (11 %, 1-9) and free throw line (4-12).

The third quarter started better for the home team, even though they could not gain a bigger lead. It was not until the last five minutes of the game and a draw (45:45), that Helios Suns started playing better and gaining lead on Sixt Primorska. In front the loud home crowd Marcel Jones made a three-pointer, which was followed by three more by Tomas Kyzlink. It was a great finish of the game for team from Domzale who showed that they target the top positions in the league.

Dejan Cikic, head coach of Helios Suns: “Considering this is our second duel against Sixt Primorska, it was a bit easier preparing for it in this hectic schedule. I repeat over and over that my right hand man Dejan Jakara does a fantastic job with the tactical preparations for the game. I would like to congratulate my players for the win and thank the fans who came to support us for creating a great atmosphere.“

Aleksander Sekulic, head coach of KK Sixt Primorska: “Apparently our team will have to apply to play only 35 minutes every game from now on, because we forget how to play basketball in the last five minutes. Again, we made basic mistakes, there were numerous travelling violations, turnovers and, of course, bad field goal percentage. We do not give our best in the last minutes. There are 10 players in rotation, so we can surely say that physical preparation is not a problem. The problem is in our heads. We have to learn how to play in those critical moments, how to finish the game, that we worked so hard in the first 35 minutes, with a win. It is going to be a long process, but when we succeed, we will become a better team.“